The National Association of Sentencing Commissions 2009 Annual Conference

Presentations and Related Articles/Materials

Plenary Session I: The State of Sentencing Research

    Looking Back at Three Decades of Sentencing Reform
Cassia Spohn, Professor and Director of Graduate Programs, Arizona State University

    Risk Assessment and Crime Prevention in Structured Sentencing
Alfred Blumstein, Professor, Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University

    The Future of Sentencing Theory and Research
Charles Wellford, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland;
    Vice-chair, Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy

Plenary Session II: The Consequences of Escalating Incarceration Rates

    Economic Impacts of Incarceration
Anne Piehl, Associate Professor, Department of Economics & Program in Criminal Justice, Rutgers University

    Remembering, Hopefully Not Repeating, Past Errors in Sentencing Policy
    Kent Scheidegger, Legal Director, Criminal Justice Legal Foundation

Panel Session: Risk/Needs Assessment

    How Much Risk Assessment Do We Need and For What Purposes?
James Austin, President, JFA Institute

    A Question of Evidence: Risk Assessments Models Used in the Justice System
    Related ReportNCCD Special Report
    Christopher Baird, Executive Vice President, National Council on Crime and Delinquency

    Reassessing Risk Assessment: Taking Risk Suppression Seriously
    Avi Bhati, Senior Research Associate, Justice Policy Center, The Urban Institute

Panel Session: Influence of Politics and Media on Criminal Penalty Development

Gabriel Sayegh, Director, State Organizing and Policy Project, Drug Policy Alliance

    The Impact of the Cheshire, Connecticut Home Invasion Case
    Tom Ullmann, Public Defender, State of Connecticut; Member, Connecticut Sentencing Task Force

Panel Session: An International Perspective on Sentencing

    Sentencing Guidelines in England and Wales: Bringing Consistency to Sentencing
    Related Material:  McCormac NASC 2009 Supplemental Material
Kevin McCormac, Head of Secretariat, Sentencing Guidelines Council for England and Wales

    The Basic Features of the Korean Sentencing Guidelines
  Related MaterialPark NASC 2009 Supplemental Material
    Hyungkwan Park, Senior Public Prosecutor and Professor, Legal Research and Training Institute and
    Special Advisor to the Korean Sentencing Commission

    Reform of Chinese Sentencing: Snapshots from the PRC
Timothy Webster, Fellow, China Law Center, Yale Law School

Panel Session: Sentencing Since Booker

    Data on Cases Sentenced After Decisions in Booker, Gall, and Kimbrough
    Kathleen Grilli, Deputy General Counsel, U.S. Sentencing Commission

Panel Session: Evolving Roles of Sentencing Commissions

    Fiscal Impact Analysis in Virginia
Meredith Farrar-Owens, Deputy Director, Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission

    The Evolution of the Kansas Sentencing Commission
    Helen Pedigo, Executive Director, Kansas Sentencing Commission

Panel Session: The Role of Victims in Sentencing Policy

    Victims' Interest in Sentencing in Courthouses and in Public Policy Arenas
    Related Article: Federal Sentencing Reporter 2006 article
Russell Butler, Director, Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center

    Victim Impact Statements and Sentencing: Findings from Empirical Research
    Robert Davis, Senior Research Analyst, RAND

Panel Session: Shrinking Budgets While Meeting Courts and Corrections Needs

    The Costs & Benefits of Sentencing: How to Use Economic Analysis In a Time of Fiscal Restraint
Mark Cohen, Professor of Management and Law, Vanderbilt University

    Delaware's Prisoner Early Release Process, 2002 to 2005
    Jack O'Connell, Jr., Director, Delaware Statistical Analysis Center

Panel Session: Release Decisions

    Release Decisions, Reentry, and Effective Supervision
Jesse Janetta, Research Associate, The Urban Institute

    Release Decisions in Utah
    Jacey Skinner, Director, Utah Sentencing Commission

Panel Session: The Interdependence of Jail and Prison Populations and Policies

    Interdependence of Jails and Prisons in Alabama - Or the Hundred Years' War Revisited
Richard Allen, Commissioner, Alabama Department of Corrections

    Funding Jails and Balancing Prison and Jail Populations in Virginia
    Barry Green, Deputy Secretary of Public Safety, Commonwealth of Virginia

Montgomery County's Work Release and Reentry Services for Soon-To-Be Released Incarcerated Individuals
Stefan LoBuglio, Chief, Pre-Release and Reentry Services Division, Montgomery County (MD) Department of
    Correction and Rehabilitation

Round Table Discussion:  Rebuilding Justice in Eastern Europe

    Law Reform in Post Conflict and Post Revolutionary Countries
Richard Gebelein, Chief Deputy Attorney General, Delaware Department of Justice